About World Meat Trader
World Meat Trader It continues to be a leading company in the sector with its platform.

The world meat trader company, which we founded in 1989, started its entrepreneurial adventure in the world by establishing its own farms, slaughterhouses, meat processing facilities for the wholesale production of live cattle, sheep, lamb, goat and horse breeding cattle, sheep, lamb, goat carcasses and slaughter lines. It has managed to strengthen its lamb, goat carcass and slaughter lines with distribution, meat markets and e-commerce, and has taken this adventure to the next level with its branches. We have managed to take our World Meat Trader brand value to the top with precision, doubling its value with our user-first strategies and privileged customer portfolio. In this adventure, which we set out with our principle of solution and trust, taking into account world standards, we have consistently provided the best world meat trader brand to countless customers, without straying from the authority track.

By exhibiting steady growth with our professionalism, empathy-oriented, honesty and open-minded perspective that has continued since its establishment, we have earned the right to rise to a respected position in the e-commerce world.

Our World meat trader brand was established with the aim of offering the highest quality meat and meat products to the consumer at the most affordable prices in the field of live cattle, sheep, lamb, goat and cattle, sheep, lamb, goat carcasses and slaughter lines, and throughout the past 34 years, we have maintained our approach in the sector. We continue to protect it with the same care.

In all your purchases made through our World meat trader brand; We make it possible to have a shopping experience with our customer representatives who provide a hassle-free approach with fast communication, fast delivery, and cancellation/return awareness.

By following the latest developments in the world livestock and meat industry and the current demands in the user field, we offer you our world meat trader and web address, which we have brought together with contemporary technology, by following up with our best teammates, our strong and professional administrative management, and ensuring that you enjoy your consumer rights in the best way possible. We enable you to.

Our goal; To gain the public's appreciation by reaching the "highest visitor satisfaction" position in the e-commerce community with its user experience and to ensure that you leave our site as a problem-free, happy consumer.

Our World Meat Trader brand, which continues to expand its mission and implement its projects with an exemplary quality, will add success to its success by leading with quality above standards, carrying out successful works with many satisfactions, and will continue to ensure your satisfaction in an organizational manner with its problem-oriented working principle within a strong staff.